How I deployed a Laravel app using Ansible and AWS.

How I deployed a Laravel app using Ansible and AWS.

This was my second semester exams at AltSchool.

Below are steps I took to make my second semester a success:

  • I created a VPC and subnets on AWS

  • I added route tables and internet gateway I accomplished the above using this Youtube video as a guide

  • I created two instances on the vpc i created, one master and one slave.

  • I made use of the key pair I already had

  • I created a security group and set inbound rules to allow port 80 and port 443 for http and https

  • I wrote my playbook following the steps I took for my Mini project, converting the commands to ansible modules( This took a lot of googling to achieve)

  • I created a project directory on my master instance where i installed Ansible and all the dependencies i needed, then I deployed the playbook to the slave instance

  • I got a free domain name from name cheap ( Thanks to github education

  • I also found access to a free ssl certificate from


  • I finally pushed everything to github and have my fingers crossed waiting to be graded.